KOSMOS Universal Platform (UP)

Designed by ultrasound experts for the advancement of education

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Store and share exams

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Quality assessment and streamlined feedback

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Track analytics and host educational content

Kosmos Universal Platform

Kosmos Universal Platform (UP) is a HIPAA compliant online portal that addresses workflow challenges and inefficiencies while teaching ultrasound scanning. The platform integrates advanced AI applications to manage education workflow, reduce grading time, provide performance analytics, and streamline feedback to students.

Kosmos UP Education is currently intended for use in educational settings only.

Store and share exams

  • Transfer exams directly from ultrasound device to Kosmos UP

  • Share images directly with educators for review

  • Share portfolio of cases within groups

Quality assessment of exams remotely

  • Improve exam quality using real-time feedback from Kosmos AI TRIO (grading, guidance, and labeling)

  • Review submitted exams and reports as an educator

The TRIO is intended to be used by qualified and trained healthcare professionals. Those who are not trained in sonography should use the Trio only under the supervision or in-person guidance of a trained or licensed healthcare professional. This feature has not been cleared by the FDA.

Streamlined feedback of exams and reports

  • Document reports with customized templates

  • Annotate images for student feedback

  • Direct feedback for accelerated learning

Performance analytics for individual students or groups

  • Measure learning trends

  • Compare performance to adjust gaps in curriculum

  • Use data to support research or education initiatives

Education content hub

  • Organize lectures, articles, and assessments

  • Access Kosmos 101 POCUS course

  • Customize and host multimedia curriculum

  • Gather feedback for quality of content

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