Improve Diagnostic Confidence at the Bedside


Time-saving, Easy to Clean

Improve diagnostic confidence at bedside

The first AI-assisted handheld tool to incorporate machine learning into patient assessments, giving providers more data and confidence to make clinical decisions and diagnosis at the bedside.

Kosmos can be used to identify, assess, and monitor lung conditions related to COVID-19. Kosmos’ high quality imaging of the lung pleura helps providers identify key features such as subpleural consolidations, irregular and thickened pleura, B lines and B line-like artifacts, and lung infiltrates; all of which have been described as critical for COVID-19 lung evaluation.

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AI-assisted Ejection Fraction

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3 Critical Signals Synchronized: Ultrasound, ECG, Auscultation

Easy to Clean

Unlike chest CT or cart-based ultrasound machines, KOSMOS, given its small size, is easy to clean between patient exams with minimal interruption to the workflow.

Kosmos is made of hospital-grade materials built to withstand frequent cleaning with harsh chemicals. Its small size also makes it a perfect tool for busy hospital wards

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Product Overview

CrossChallenge Of Our Times

Legacy tools and methods for cardiothoracic and abdominal assessment, continue to prove insufficient and hinder the process of decision making, every day. But what if technology could rise up to meet this challenge?

CheckInnovation At Your Fingertips

Rather than ordering more tests, Kosmos Platform with its real-time, synchronization of 3 signals, along with the application of AI, enables you to discover and learn insights for yourself.

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High-Resolution Ultrasound Imaging Capability

Kos icon ausculation

High-Fidelity Digital Auscultation

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Highly integrated ECG

Kosmos Bridge

Mobile, high resolution, visualization tool with AI workflow integration

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Highly Rugged Design

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WiFi 802.11ac connectivity

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Export as DICOM, JPEG or H.264 file using a USB

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Archive exams to PACS server

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Chemically resistant materials