Algorithmic Platform

The first true AI in a handheld device

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AI models based on thousands of ultrasound images and cardiac cycle clips

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Clinical studies performed with independent physicians

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Data partnerships with worldwide clinical institutions

Solve Everyday Challenges with Kosmos AI

We leverage cutting-edge, deep learning algorithms to transform the way clinicians assess heart, lungs and abdomen in minutes. All with minimal training.

Our artificial intelligence platform is developed on convolutional neural networks, which have been trained on thousands of expert annotated ultrasound clips, with an aim to diffuse and scale expert knowledge
to frontline care providers.

AI TRIO of Algorithms

Our AI TRIO helps scanners move quickly from novice to expert. With real-time guidance on probe movement and object detection techniques to reliably identify and annotate structures, it’s easy to improve accuracy and gain confidence.

  • True scanning guidance in real-time
  • Fast, accurate identification of cardiac structures
  • Real-time grading of image quality

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Drive repeatability and reproducibility of key clinical measurements

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Flatten user learning curves and accelerate confidence with ultrasound-based devices

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Provide evidence-based support to help in swift decision making

Note: The Trio is intended to be used by qualified healthcare professionals. Those who are not trained in sonography should use the Trio only under the supervision or in-person guidance of a trained or licensed healthcare professional. This feature has not been cleared by the FDA.

Exploring AI TRIO

Accelerate Learning with Three AI Algorithms

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Automated Image Grading

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Automated Heart Anatomy Labeling

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Automated Acquisition Guidance

AI-Assisted Ejection Fraction Workflow

Ejection Fraction, Stroke Volume, and Cardiac Output are vital components of clinical decision-making. Currently, physicians must choose between eyeballing and making a diagnosis without confidence or ordering a test and making a diagnosis hours, or weeks, later.

Our algorithms accurately compute critical measurements in seconds. So physicians no longer have to sacrifice clarity or confidence for speed.

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Standardize measurement of EF, SV and CO

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Provide transparent calculations and flexibility to revise results

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Improve confidence in ultrasound exam results at the bedside

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Reduce current echo testing time delays

Step into the future

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