The only AI-driven handheld tool benchmarked against cart-based systems

Welcome to the Kosmos Platform

Kosmos technology creates a new clinical world, offering high level imaging, ECG and digital auscultation, with advanced AI capabilities, CW and PW Doppler to support physicians making critical decisions at the point of care.

Kosmos Bridge

Capture, save, and export exams in high-definition.

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On-the-edge AI computing tool

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HIPAA compliant and secured data

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JPEG or MPEG-4 AVC exports

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DICOM supported for archiving exams to PACS

Algorithmic Platform

Evolving AI platform based on novel, deep learning techniques to solve everyday problems in healthcare.

Our AI platform guides scanners to the best possible view and determines EF, SV, and CO in seconds, giving all physicians the confidence they need to make clinical and diagnostic decisions at the bedside.

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Drives systolic heart function assessment (EF, SV, CO)

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AI TRIO of Algorithms guides cardiac scanning, grades image quality, labels anatomy

Note: The TRIO and the AI-assisted EF Workflow are intended to be used by qualified healthcare professionals. Those who are not trained in sonography should use these features only under the supervision or in-person guidance of a trained or licensed healthcare professional. These features have not been cleared by the FDA.


Our comprehensive and affordable learning solution with Kosmos hardware, software and AI package brings the latest technology to the top medical schools.

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Secure, easy-to-use online portal designed for remote ultrasound exam reviews

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Cloud hosting solution to meet ongoing usage demand and growth

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Dedicated personnel to ensure smooth deployment support, onboarding, training, and maintenance

Snapshot of KOSMOS applications

Clinical Gallery

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Parasternal Long Axis 3 Signal Stack

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Apical Five Chamber

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Automated Systolic Heart Function

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