Three Critical Signals. One Intelligent Tool. AI Innovation Delivered.

A new world is here, where every clinician now has the ability to improve cardiothoracic and abdominal assessment, in just a few minutes.

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Welcome to the Kosmos

Inspired from the sum of all things in the universe, Kosmos explores a new clinical world where the sum of all vital signals from the heart and lungs, enable physicians to deliver critical diagnoses in a matter of few minutes.

Kosmos Bridge

High definition, clinical visualization tool

Kos icon ai

On-the-edge AI computing tool

Kos icon secure

HIPAA compliant + secured data

Kos icon export

Export as a JPEG or MPEG-4 AVC file, using USB

Kos icon archive

DICOM supported for archiving exams to PACS

Algorithmic Platform

Evolving artificial intelligence application platform based on novel, deep learning techniques. From novice to super users, our AI platform will enable shortened training cycles to conduct accurate heart function assessment while offering high resolution ultrasound of torso to super users.

Kos icon heart

Drives systolic heart function assessment (EF, SV, CO)

Kos icon expand

Upcoming expansion to new applications


AI-driven online portal to facilitate remote ultrasound learning, reduce grading effort, and manage the workflow solution of exam data in any educational setting.

Kos icon optimalview

Optimize and drive efficiency in ultrasound workflow management

Kos icon measurement

Improve QA efficiency with built-in reports and intelligent alerts

Kos icon secure

Secured access to information anytime, anywhere

Kos icon assistance

Help reduce administrative effort for faculty

Kos icon personalize

Dedicated support personnel to ensure best-in-class implementation

Future Developments – Work In Progress

Snapshot of KOSMOS applications

Clinical Gallery

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Parasternal Long Axis 3 Signal Stack

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Apical Five Chamber

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Automated Systolic Heart Function

Introducing KOSMOS

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Kosmos Torso

A New Kind of Clinical Tool

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